Hornworms for a good and decent price?


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Looking for a site to order some hornworms for a good price and in good quality without spending an arm and a leg for shipping :D any suggestions.... thanks :)


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You should try greatlakes hornworms. They are really good quality. I always ordered eggs as it is a much better deal.


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I have a contact on FB that has horns. I will get you his information. He has always given me great service and he will work with your budget (he is in SoCal).
From our sponsors I use Mulberry Farms. They are awesome and are in SoCal so shipping is very reasonable for us in Norcal and very quick. If you have never tried Silkworm eggs they are super easy and very economical :D


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Try WestcoastRoaches.com. They have facebook auctions ALL THE TIME for cheap shipping (usually around 9 bucks.)
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