Hornworm Breeders - Need Advice!


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Hello y’all!

My chameleons eat SOOO much, and I have decided to farm my own colonies. I have a successful Silkworm, Dubia Roach, and Mealworm colony going, but the one that hasn’t started yet is my hornworms.

I was successfully able to get all 15 hornworms I started to pupate and they have been in their cocoons since August 1st to August 7th. It’s now been 31 days and no moths have come out of their homes yet. I do see some are turning different colors and changing in size, but honestly not much is happening.

When they did dig in the dirt, I did give them time to fully cocoon in the dirt for 10 days, and after 10 days, I took them out. I have had them on a light cycle every since of 12/12 and the temp has been around room temp.

I definitely have checked if they were alive by lightly touching them and they move, so no one is dead, but is there anything else I need to be doing to help these guys?!

I found some information online but hornworm breeding isn’t a widely done thing it seems, so YouTube videos aren’t as comprehensive or helpful as they are with other feeder breeding.

Any help is appreciated!! 🙂
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