Horn worm moth


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One of my horn worms cocooned about a month ago and hatched this morning. My chameleon stalked him for like 2 hours before finally eating it. He had never seen anything like it so it was funny to see him just following it all arouns the cage.


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How big is the body on that thing?

It wasnt as big as the things i had read about. Id say the length was about the size of a large cricket. But much fatter obviously. My cham had now problems with it and chomped it down easily. Ive seen him eat horn worms bigger than the moth.


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The size Varys I have a bunch that are breeding and way to big for My Cham to feed


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I was just wondering, because I have a bunch of hornworms that I keep in the fridge so thry don't pupate on me. I kuju ordered a bunch of bugs from Josh's Frogs, last week.
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