Homemade Misting System And Nozzles

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For those of you that have made your own misting systems from different parts, What nozzle have you used (Preferably superfine Because Coda hates water) And how did you set it up?


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bly superfine Because Coda hates water) And how did you set it up?

I actually just made a post on this lol.

15 dollars, best nozzle your going to find. This is the same Nozzle that Mist King uses.

You will need a 1/4 Quick Connect to 1/8 NPT Nozzle housing. (The nozzle threads into 1/8inch NPT, you need one with 1/4 quick connect inputs)

Want Black? This is defiantly the right one. https://www.amazon.com/Tefen-222100...?keywords=tefen+nozzle&qid=1578508347&sr=8-93

This listing here is confusing. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B...title_srh_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A3JVO9PJXTSCRK Could be the right ones (80 degree) or the wrong ones (120 degree)


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And I’ll go with that one! Does placing matter or is the corners the best places. And can the instructions above still apply?

Umm really depends on your cage size and what your trying to soak. I just made a post about that the other day, but I find they do well in a 12"ish spread, since it's 80 degrees, the corners are the best place IMO for a 24x24, assuming you want a full cage soak, I would do 1 in every corner.

Scaling from there. A 36x24, I would load all 4 corners and have 1 in the center, in the front and back. A 48x24, I would load all 4 corners and then do 2 in between.

My cage, is close to this, except I didn't load my corners with misters, and I only have 6 currently deployed. But I will be changing that soon most likely. I started with 4, I lost expensive plants :(. I have 6, I still can't cover all my plants or all the places I want plants. I will be fixing this soon, but it's tough, as my cage is built and it will require Serious modifications, and removing my Top screen.
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