home made UVB/heat lamp stand


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I know they sale lamp stands, but they didn't really have what i was looking for (wanted to get the uvb and the heat lamp on it) so I decided to make one.

it's just PVC pipe (3/4 inch), 5 pvc T's. and some velcro staps (to hold the UVB and cords in place).

I used a dremel and sanded down the inside of the T's on the cross bar and the heat lamp bar so they can be slid up or down. I was thinking of drilling holes for keeper pins but it worked out it's tight enough it doesn't need keeper pins tho it does take a "small" amout of force to adjust

it's still a work in progress, I'm going to paint it and may change up the heat lamp bar (thinking of adding a 45 so that it has more angle to it) but so far it's working pretty well, was cheap (well other than the cost of the dremel but I needed that anyway) but most of all it fits my needs.


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cords are down the out side of the pipe (held on with velcro strips), tho inside would be a good ideal! but I don't think it will fit in this size pvc
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