Hoehnelii UVB


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Looking into purchasing a hoehnelii. I've kept yemens and worked with panthers before.

What UVB do you recommend? I've seen Arcadia, but what % and type, or any other (preferably more affordable for the unit) brands are there?


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No, I don't, I was told it wasn't really necessary, but the shop I volunteer at does and, if need be, I could borrow theirs
It’s certainly a handy tool. Personally, I’d get a higher uvb bulb, use the solar meter to mount the light at whatever gives you uvi levels around 5 at the highest accessible branch, and decreasing from there. You can’t get more uvb out of a 6% bulb, but you can always decrease the uvb of a 12% by adding more foliage, or a second piece of screen right under the bulb.
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