hmmm...somehow I killed my silk babies- what did I do wrong

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well, I was so happy to see my little wiggly silk worm eggs hatch-I followed all the directions ( but they tell you to leave the lid off/cracked- it would be nice if they told you to PUT IT BACK ON when they hatch :p ) so after picking 200 baby worms out of my cable box ( it stays warm, so that is what I hatched them on ) they did find for a few days- but today, just about all of them are dead ? I fed them mulberry leaves from our tree- they ate them right up, but SOMETHING went wrong ? I have 500 more on the way- is the food they sell better than leaves ? I was sure to use only the tiny little new leaves , but thoughts on what may have went wrong? do you all have much luck w/ eggs ?

thanks :)
They could have picked up bacteria from cruising around the cable box. If one gets sick they usually all die. I have also learned that humidity can cause issues. I tend to keep them at low humidity and around 82-84 degrees.
I think minimal contact with the silkworm babies is key to success. I avoid touching them or anything they will consume at all cost.

I also raise them from hatching at room temperature. It slows down their growth a little, but I believe it cuts down on the risk of deadly bacteria and mold.
ohhhhhhh...well, I did pick up about every one of them - I did not know they would crawl out of the dish thing - ok, so LOW humid/ - no touching :p what about the food? is the chow better than the leaves? I am bummed out- lol good thing I take better care of the Olive pits than this - ;) they are getting big, and cute, the worms were for them- well, my 500 will be here in a few days- hope I have better luck :eek:

thanks guys :D
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