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My chameleon dosnt like me for some reason right now, I used to pe able to hold him and get him out of the cage easily but recently i tried to get him out and he ran away and when i tried again a few secs later he hissed at me loudly, so loud i thought it was a cat outside lol, I had never heard him hiss at me before should I be worried or is he just having a bad day
He sounds just like the average male Veiled chameleon. Not very friendly and difficult to tame but beautiful anyway. If I had a pound for everyone that said their Veiled/Yemen chameleon hissed at them!! Its in their nature and it is rare to find a placid specimen - although the females aren't so aggressive in most cases!
I have a female veiled and she has hissed at me on occasion. She is about 10 months old and did not start getting grouchy until she was about six months old. I used to be able to take her out without any problem whatsoever until one day she became very finicky (and it happened overnight). She does not hiss at me anymore but I have learned to read her behavior and I can tell when she is not happy; during these times I try to leave her be. It is funny though, the only time she is not happy is when I am taking her out of her cage, once she is out she is just fine.
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