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my male veiled cham is about 4 months old now i've had him for about 2 1/2 months and recently has started acting real weird. some times he hisses and then runs away or looks like he is going to bite me. it's weird because he hasn't done this since i got him. and has been taking food out of my hand since the start and still does. also, I've handled him before but i put him back in the cage after a few minutes because i can tell he really wants to. what could be causing him to suddenly see me as a threat? i feel as if i can't get near him anymore. any input is greatly appreciated.
He may be getting ready to shed. My boys are very friendly until they are ready to shed- they get very fussy and want to be left alone
That's actually pretty normal for a veiled that age.
Just leave him alone except at feeding time, just make sure he doesn't forget you.
Keep putting your hand in the cage, maybe try to slowly, lightly stroke his
chin or lightly touch him somewhere else.

Hand feed every day, even if he runs away.

Don't be too assertive or force yourselve on him.
Give him his space.

My veiled did the same. They snap out of it.
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