Hissing and Nipping


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I have had this almost 1 year old Sunburst for a week now and it seems
he has gotten nasty. I have tried to move my hand near him carefully and he flares up like a cobra. He is a male and I must say his colors do come to life. He seemed to be a lot calmer when I bought him.
Do you think he will lighten up or is it just the way he is. Thanks
There is def an adjustment period. Mine have done the same. I find for mine that it's usually a couple of weeks before they feel settled in. I just give them plenty of privacy and maybe you could try a little hand association while feeding. Maybe a worm or something in your palm. Just so he knows you are safe when you come around. That's just what works for me! Good luck! :D
My little veiled chirped at me the second day I had him. Since then I've added more privacy (foliage) to his enclosure, and I also hand feed at every meal. He doesn't poof up nearly as often, and I haven't heard him chirp unless I accidently scare him by moving too quickly.
Most veileds are grumpy lol

I know during their "teenage years" they're even more nasty! He's just getting used to you and warming up. I'm sure over time he'll get allot better where you can handle him. Just let him be and offer him some of their favorite treats by hand feeding. Silk worms, hornworms, super worms, etc.

I love sunburst veileds aswell! Awsome morphs!
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