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hi my name is bobby is an new into the chameleon world but i have previous expierence i have a 3 month old sambava female im always working so i only monitor her in the mornings and night and sundays so i recently notice she tends to hide sometimes and she doesnt like to be touched is that normal just wanna make sure i have all the top of the line equipment reptisun t5 5.0 basking light on dimmer switch 16x16x30 screen cage monsoon mister and has the option of cricets and dubia please get back to me about normal behaviors
In general all sounds good although pictures can certainly help us give you better feedback. The hiding and not wanting to be touched is perfectly normal and you may find that individual animals will always be that way, some may come around to you and be more friendly.

The fact that you do not interact with them very much (nor do I) will tend to make them more wary of you then if you were to interact with them daily.

Again, post some pics if you can and then perhaps provide some details as to how much and often you mist (monsoon), how you supplement and feed the feeders, and so on.

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here are some pics

here are some pics but shes not hiding here the monsoon is every 2hrs 12 sec mist very light mist i cant post pics
It is kind of funny how you post pictures on here, you use the attachment (paper clip) section. You attach just like you would in an email, though they will not show untill you preview post. Then you should be able to see them in the perveiw, if so you have done it right. Took me a while to figure out how to do as well, I am new on here too.
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