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I've had 2 male Veileds now for about a month.
Two separate cages with a sight barrier. So they don't see each other.
The lights are on for 12 hours and every day, as the lights come on, one cham comes to the top of the cage near his dripper and looks over his domain. Even at night he often stays in the vacinity. Many times when the MISTKING comes on he only moves a bit to get out of the direct spray. He seems to want to see everything I'm doing.
The other cham stays hidden at times all day long in his heavily planted area. He eats and drinks and has the same size and coloration. But some days. Like today, he never comes out of hiding. Occasionally I'll only see him as he darts out to eat a bug. Other days he's out and up on a top branch like the other. Today he was actually inside the Pothos and right behind it's trellis so that he was absolutely invisible. He also runs when the MISTKING fires up. And he's surprisingly fast!
My question is about their behavior.....Is it normal?
One seems to not fear anything and the other likes to hide a lot.
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Sounds normal to me lol! They all have their own personalities, my first Cham was super chill and tolerated me pretty well. He would sit on my hand or shoulder and just hang out. My current Cham is the complete opposite. As long as you see him bask, eat and drink I wouldn’t worry. :)


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He was out this morning.
Hiding behind a leaf near the top.
But soon his again.
As you can see, he has already discovered that the pothos is food as well.
Both of them have been eating leaves.


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