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I've been leaving Derp's door open whenever I'm home just because. It hasn't been an issue in the past month we've been together since he has never tried to crawl out. Today, he woke up an adventurous spirit. I walked away for a few minutes and couldn't find him. Finally realized. I took him in my living room where previously he has never shown interest in anything outside of the ficus tree I have in there. I can't get him to stay on it now. he just wants to crawl on EVERYTHING.

I feel like I rubbed off on him.

I am a little concerned from him being that close to the light though. Can having his head RIGHT next to the UVB like that hurt his eyes?


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I believe 8-12" is the average distance for useable uvb from a light. check for heat temps at 8" and try that level. that being said, i myself have some branches about 6" away with my more uvb requiring chams. i could be completely wrong though, so please take with a grain of salt. get a second opinion.
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