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I just bought two hibiscus plants. One is a tree and the other is a bush. They both have yellow flowers. I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on taking care of them. What type of soil should I be using for them? Can the flowers get really wet or is that bad for them? Any information and advice would be great. Does anyone currently have hibiscus plants in their enclosure, if so can you tell me how it is going for you.
Hibiscus need TONS of light!
I suggest rotating them in and out of the enclosure so that when
one is not there it can be in a really sunny place.
The flowers don't last long at all so it hardly matters if they get wet.
I would pluck off any blooms that are open when you wash the plants
because your cham will eat them, which is fine unless there is a chemical pesticide or fertilizer sprayed on them.
Wash the buds that haven't opened, but be careful...they fall off really easily.

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