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Hey guys, I’m new here so if you guys have any tips or tricks to work the website I’d love some input !
This is my baby his name is juice he’s a panther chameleon almost 2 years old


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Welcome to the forum!
Juice is so pretty! How long have you had him?
Is he your first chameleon? First reptile?
Hey Kinyonga , I’ve had juice since he was about 4 months old . He’s my second panther Chameleon , this might sound funny but His father was my last chameleons brother if that makes sense . My last chameleon past due to to a rectal prolapse and unfortunately even with surgery never recovered I was heart broken and after talking to the breeder he mention that the brother of my chameleon was having babies and well I feel as if I have Alittle part of him still . I have had iguanas in the past , currently I just have juice and clay (he’s a leopard gecko)


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Sorry to hear your first one prolapsed. Prolapse soften result in death sadly. It's nice that you got a close relative of your first one!

Leo's are cute little critters with big personalities as a rule. Good starter lizards. I had a few ove the years. I've had a couple of iggies too....and lots of other lizards, turtles/tortoises, etc.

This is a good form...there's lots to learn here...lots of people with lots of knowledge to share.


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Hey there! You have a beautiful boy. I'd encourage you if you have some free time to check out the media and blog sections! They have some pretty cool stuff to read and look at! That's what I do in my free time!


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Welcome! Juice is very handsome. I would say just explore away all of the tabs, links and don’t forget the search feature.
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