Hi my name is Jason and I am an addict


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So chameleon #5 arrived a few days ago so apparently I have a serious addiction but I can't seem to get enough. Man I just love taking care of them and I love every second I get to spend with them and watching my 12 year old son love every second he spends with them too makes it all the more worth it. So we have Jango, Leia, Jaina, Revan and introducing our newest addition. 3 month old male Malak! (Yes these are all Star Wars names) So the plan is to not buy anymore for a long while, probably not a likely plan but a plan anyway.

Welcome Jason, I am also an addict. I want to say I am recovering addict, but sadly the chams just keep showing up. I have 13 babies due any day.

Even with our online meetings some of us just are not able to kick the habit! But with this support group all trying to kick the habit:rolleyes: maybe we will all recover.:eek:
I am also an addict. What started out as one cham has evolved into three, and the only reason I don't have any more is I don't have any room :p

However, I recently saw a Meller's at a local reptile store, and instantly fell in love with this species! I know they are a more "difficult" species to keep, so I am now spending all the time I can spare researching and planning my eventual Meller's housing and acquisition! :eek:

If anybody out there figures out how to break the addiction, please let me know (I think!) :D
I am also an addict.

And this forum is an enabler! Dang you all!

Enabler for sure! Not the place to come if you're trying to break the habit!

Just how many times have you encouraged me?? You are not trying to help me stop, showing off all you gorgeous chams just makes all of us want them more. Hello fellow enabler!!

Exactly right. Everyone on here shows off their beautiful chams and we end up wanting what THEY have. It's just a vicious cycle :D Frankly, I don't think there's any hope for me!
Lol yes apparently I going to have to find some new friends if I ever expect to have this under control. My wife and I have 2 kids and I remember us having the conversation of having a 3rd child and I kept thinking no I will not be able to split my time and love between three kids and give them all that I think they need. So here I am now staring into 5 cages thinking I don't think I can show each one of them the time and love I think they need. Man I need help and no not another picture of a beautiful chameleon!!
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