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This is my first cham (veiled) and I've come up with a cage for him, he seems ok, I'm posting it here for you (people with many years of knowledge ahead of me) to tell me if it's ok, and suggestions and all. Just so you know, the uvb light there in the picture will soon get a good aluminum reflector, it's just that the store hasn't had it ready yet. And there's little steve on the feeding cup, the basking spot is done with a 60 watt bulb, it still gets it a bit over 90 degrees.
I would appreciate any coments, all, positive and negative are very wellcome


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when you are building a set-up for your chams just remember that you want to have hiding spots, basking spot,and spots that makeitdifficult to get around so your cham can devellope his climbin skills.
You might want to move that feeding cup up a little higher so that it is closer to his basking spot.

The reason I say this is because he is still a very small cham, and the enclosure you have him in is quite spacious. That's an awful lot of climbing he has to do to get from the top where he would bask, down to his food and back.

Within a month or two, he'll have grown so much that you could probably move the cup back down again, but when they're that little you need to make it quite easy for them (almost like human babies - except as babies we could never survive if we had to hunt our own food ;)).

The only other thing I noticed is your hygrometer: I found those plastic dial-type analogue ones to be wildy innaccurate. I'm using two digital thermometer/hygrometer units that I bought from a supplier in Hong Kong off eBay (just search for "digital hygrometer" on eBay). They were cheap, and they were shipped quite quickly to me in South Africa, so I'm sure they'll be able to deliver to where you are too. The readings on the digital units are far more consistent.

And just make sure all the pots, branches and perches are secure (I read your earlier post about your little 'accident'. I'm glad your cham is okay).

Other than that - nice set-up so far. Good job.
thank you on the feed back, and I'll analyze the food/basking thing, I put it there for the moment because even if it is not completely transparent, steve was trying to shoot the crickets from below... and when it is not transparent he has a hard time finding the food, so I tried to make it very obvious for him,but I guess I'll use a non-transparent cup, and place it higher ,thanks, and about the hygrometer, that's the one I found for now, but I was searching for a digital one, so I'll consider what you said thanks.
The pothos is safe now I believe, still I could just lower it and put it on the ground, but I don't think so because he hangs around that one alot and I want him getting his UVB.

There's a low-cost temp/humidity unit that you can get at Lowe's in the Garden Center area. They are about $13. To see it, search www.lowes.com and enter humidity. The direct link to it doesn't seem to work :mad:. It has the std. remote temp sensor along with local temp and humidity. I've found that hanging it on the outside of a chameleon enclosure still gives me a good idea of the humidity inside. Attach the remote temp sensor at the basking site.

Another unit that has the addition of having an actual remote temp AND humidity sensor is: http://www.beanfarm.com/cgi-bin/sto...8247*vg1Z93%%&p_id=120006&xm=on&ppinc=search2 It's a bit pricey at $35 but what the heck, it's for your chameleon :D.
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