Her name is Priscilla


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Here is one of the mothers of the newly hatched eggs. Her name is Priscilla Lizard, ( Blue Nosy Be Panther/ Born Oct- 2011) . We have a ritual every morning. First thing in the morning she wants me to hand feed her two worms. Then she walks onto my arm to be taken to the kitchen sink where I put some hot water onto my finger so that she can rub her bad eye on my warm finger. She pushes her head onto my finger as I massage her eye. Then she wants to be taken to the window so that I can let her walk on the venetian blinds for about a half hour before she wants to go back to her cage. Most chameleons hate to be handled but I have both Priscilla and a male called Pascal, that walks onto my hand when held out.


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Wow thats pretty amazing she waits for you to put warm water on your finger so she can rub her eye on it and amazing bond you have with her


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She's beautiful. Chameleons can be very sociable when given the chance. All my guys are very friendly. What happen to her eye?


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She got an eye infection

She got an eye infection about 6 months ago. I really thought she would end up dying from it but the antibiotic treatment worked. The eye looks a little cloudy now but she can still nail a bug eight to ten inches out with extreme accuracy.
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