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my panther chameleon has a weird gray spot on his side, about the size of a pea, he doesnt seem to be able to change the color of it. he hasnt always had it, but im kinda freaking out about it! the skin looks normal just a different color.
not as far as i can tell.. its ina weird spot on his side to be a burn, but it could be. id almost be happy if thats all it is..
yah not leftover shed.. take a look!


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Why risk leaving it for a week? If you have the funds available, do it now. The sooner you find out the better for the chameleon. You don't want to wait for a week, have it to turn out to be something serious, then find out he's basically doomed and have to put him to sleep. Do what is right for the chameleon.
took him to the vet they tried to get a sample, but couldnt get anything without doing a biopsy. she gave him a bacterial shot, and something else. i really hope it works, it seems to be spreading somewhat, so i know its not burns. She said its not fungal either. No one has had anything similar?
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