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I got a baby veiled chameleon about 3 months ago who is currently 8 months old. At first I thought it was a male but with further researching I notice that it's a female. I know what to do if and when it lays eggs but I still don't know how to recognize when it's ready to lay. I recently have seen my chameleon traveling about it's cage more and I have walked in on it several times now and caught it at the bottom of the cage looking around. Should I put in a laying box just in case, or will she eat the dirt and get sick?


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Hi there and welcome. So if it is a female it will not have tarsal spurs on the hind legs. They look like the images below.
This is a great blog about females and the lay bin.
If she is going to the bottom I think jumping on adding a lay bin asap would be a good thing.

tarsal Spur2.jpgTarsal spur1.jpg
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