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Hello Fellow Chameleon Peeps

I bought 2 veiled chameleon today a male and a female. They are young approx 2 inches long. I bought a screen enclosure a water bowl and a feeding bowl. I will make my own dripper. I have a heat lamp and am getting a uvb bulb. So I have 2 options either put them in my office which is a quiet room or i have a screened in porch that gets a few hours of direct sunlight. Im in florida so its pretty warm here. My thought are while they are young keep them outside together then when it gets cooler seperate them into 2 cages with good lighting in the office. BTW im in a rush because the pet store is closing and the owner was gonna put these 2 down!!! I couldnt allow it so i bought them. Any tips hits types of plants what i should feed them will all be awesome. I know the basics of crickets and dusting and supplementing superworms ect. Any tip from fellow floridians about the climate here will be great. Thanks for the help Im eager to learn.

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Hi there. Welcome to the forum. I have given you links to care sheets that will help you look after your two little ones. Firstly you will need to separate them as one is likely to become dominant to the point where the lesser dominant will start to fail and die. Pet shops notoriously give wrong info. Chams do not recognise standing water so they won't need the water bowl. I doubt if crickets will stay in a feeding bowl. I strongly advise you to read the care sheets and come back to us if you have any questions.:)
I live in Florida(south Florida near west palm) and it is extrememly hot during the day and even hotter in my screened in porch. Mine has aluminum roof and kick plate all around and it really holds in the heat. Is that the type of porch you have. Being so young I would not recommend leaving them outside, especially if you are not going to be home all day to monitor them if they begin to overheat. What did you plan on keeping them in in your porch?
Heres what I have them in what temp should a chameleon be kept at?


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You need a better habitat for them. Put some live plants in there like Ficus or hibiscus. And you should have made sure you had all of the right materials for your cham before you buy one. And they dont drink from a water bowl they drink the water when it falls down from the leaves.
So the specify I j8st read ambient temp should be 72-75 so I will be moving them inside as we speak I have ficus vines in there and misting spray with vit d supplement. Should I also add the supplement to their dripping water? They are checking out their new digs and I will get them in seperate cages within a month. Hopefully have a third where with supervision I can keep them out side. To get some natural sunlight another question for the floor do I cover it or what? I appreciate all the help


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The specify further the chameleons were being killed today if not bought so I didnt have much time but am doing what I can there is 2 longs going in shortly in the process of cleaning them now. Water dripper shall be set up within the hour as well.
Leave the floor bare, it is better not to have any substrate that could be ingested by your cham when shooting for a cricket or something. And it is much easier to clean up all the water at the bottom just wipe it up every night before your chams go to sleep. And if the petstore told you you needed a night light they were wrong, chams actually benefit from an over night cool down. So if it gets down to 55 or 60 you should be fine. Congrats on your new chams and you will find pretty much everything you will need on here, keep asking good questions!:)
Logs rather 2 large logs they are being cleaned up. I have all the ficus I could ever want here so once the logs are in ill add some more ficus. Right now theres 6 feet of ficus in there.
Thank you for saving the poor baby chams, you were their only hope. But chams are pretty expensive, be prepared to drop some mone to get them appropreitly set up. But once you are, they are some of the most fun and enjoyable reptiles to own. Watching them hunt is amazing!
The specify further the chameleons were being killed today if not bought so I didnt have much time but am doing what I can there is 2 longs going in shortly in the process of cleaning them now. Water dripper shall be set up within the hour as well.
No night light but I dont have a uvb bulb I will get one first thing tomorrow so they dont go with out. They are adorable little things.
Try and hang those vines up a little more if you can. And also getting a small umbrella plant to fill up the space would be good and help with humidity. Once they are bigger, they will both need separate cages pretty soon. The minimum for an full grown adult IMO would be a 24x24x48. And yes UVB is essential if you want your Cham to be happy and healthy, sounds like your on the right track. I'm sure your chams are happy you saved them :)
Don't put vitamins ar anything else in their water you spray with as they use sprayed water to clean their eyes. All supplements should be dusted on their food. Not having uv light for a few days where you live should not be a problem if they can get some natural sunlight when it is cooler.
I could also send you a care sheet if you'd like? Pm me your email address if so. You really need more foliage in their cage :)

I got the 5.0 uvb bulb this morning and im installing the thermometers now. 2 more questions. Should I declorinate the tap water for misting and what process/ tools should I use for keeping the cage clean? Thx again
As for water it depends on your water supply. If its safe for you to drink I would say its safe for your Cham. I Hoover out the bottom of the viv with a hand held device.
Hey Kate!
Do you remove the Chameleons when you vacuum it out? Everytime I get close one of them she panics and hides. I assuming that's normal behavior the other... the male is less skidish but I would be afraid to vacuum around them.

I try to do it when he is out. But he doesn't bother if I do it when he's in.:)
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