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Hey guys I need help with my enclosure before I purchase my Male Carpet.

Tell me what yall think! Keep in mind this is not a final product and the thermometers are not yet placed because I wanted to see the temp at the top and the bottom. I have a UVB light, Basking light, Fogger and a longer light. the front and back of this is glass with the sides being screen. The top is mostly screen and I'm not done with it but I will finish the top with 2/3rd screen. What do yall think?!?!





good so far, just put a few of your vines a lil closer towards the top ( about 6to 8 inches from the top of the cage..and you are on yer way..put the heat lamps on one side of the cage to give the animal a way to go from warmth to cooler temps just by moving from one side to the other..dooin good so came to the right place, i can say that, much respect..:)
Thanks, I know it wont be perfect but I want to do the best I can. I've decided to move it to a sunny spot in the house and I'm going to get suction cups with hooks so the vine goes from the top all the way down. I'll post pictures when I finally get "Bert"!
perfect, what i usually do is set it up so i can close the blinds if i have to(for really hot days)..if you have a screen on your window be prepared to see your cham climbing on happends, lol
I didn't want to start a new thread but the only things I need now before I'm ready is Calcium. I have Calcium with D3 but I know to only give him it 2-3 times a month. (I'm using Fluker's Calcium with Vitamin D3. Phosphorus Free. 100,000IU/pound)

I'm having a hard time finding the straight Calcium. Where should I look?

As for the lighting situation I have going on, I'm using a 26W 5.0 UVB Repti Glo and and a 65W basking light. I also have an accent light. I haven't planned to use a light at night because my house NEVER gets below 75. I do have a black light just in case but I doubt I will ever use it.
you can order the regular calcium on line at LLL Reptile. I use the Sticky Tongue Farms Minerall OUTDOOR forumla. It is a plain calcium without the d3. Make sure it is the outdoor and not the indoor.
you can order the regular calcium on line at LLL Reptile. I use the Sticky Tongue Farms Minerall OUTDOOR forumla. It is a plain calcium without the d3. Make sure it is the outdoor and not the indoor.

This is why I come here. Thank yall so much.
this is the stuff..i alternate..but only using d-3 supplement every other month( i have a window for a secondary basking spot sooo...)


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To be honest it looks a little bare. Maybe some more vines, and plants. Your cham might feel a bit exposed. Fake/live plants help with the aesthetic look too.
Hey guys! I wanted to update everyone on the ALMOST final product. After a few suggestions, I rearranged the cage a little bit. I have the basking light on the far left, above a vine which would be a great basking area. The right side of the cage has more foliage and places to hide. There is no heat source there so he has a cooler side vs. the warmer side. I also changed the top of the cage to screen so there is more airflow. My last question would be, what do I line the bottom with?!?! I know woodchips aren't suggested but what if they are large? I don't want to do paper-towels or Newspaper. What are my other options? Here are the pictures of the final product! Also I WILL be moving the cage in our office by the window. It also is a little cooler in that room, dropping to 65-70 degrees at night. Its actually the coolest place in the house so there isn't any other places to move him where it will be cooler.

The new basking spot! Basking light is not on.

The new screen top. Back is still glass to support the mister. I will make sure there isn't any places for crickets to get out.

Need ideas about bedding!

Over all set up. The basking light will be held by a light holder about 4-6" higher than the top.
It looks good but I would still add more branches or vines. All the empty space in the front left corner is just wasted space. And chams really like to climb around! My little girl carpet utilizes all her climbing branches, which are strategically placed to make a continuous highway around all four sides and into the middle going both down to the bottom and up to the top. You can use regular tree branches if you don't want to buy more of the fancy vine. Or you could add a bushy plant like a sheffelera in that corner instead of branches, or add both! Carpets like to have places to hide and they'll move around more if they feel safe. Right now your cham will stick to that back corner and not go anywhere else because there's nothing to climb on and the glass walls don't offer any visual barriers like a screen wall might. Your cham will feel vulnerable without more stuff in there. After that you should be all set!

Here's a pic of my big cages. True they're not for my carpet but just wanted to give you an idea of what I mean by lots of climbing options. Get creative, it's fun! :)

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I see what you are saying. My only concern is that I'm scared about introducing more live plants. I already have 2 in there and I'm known to have a brown thumb! I think a fake plant will work. I'll go to Michael's tomorrow and see what they have. Any type of fake plant I should stay away from?
I kill all my plants too. :confused: My big cages now only have fake plants. Don't get the fake plants that look they have water droplets on them, you don't want your cham to accidentally eat them thinking they're real. Whatever kind you get make sure you wash them with soap and water well to get rid of any chemical residues. If it were me, I might just move the bigger plant into the middle and put some branches around it with maybe another of that fake plant that you have on the back wall just on a side or two to make it feel more enclosed. But that's the fun part about designing cages - there are so many options and you can make some really cool setups in all kinds of ways! :)
Ok here is the final product. I took the advice and added a fake plant and a few vines. The addition cost $12.00! Thank you Walmart! Tell me what yall think!

Oh yeah! That looks a lot better. Good job! Still could use more fake vines. My cham's usually spend most of their time on the fake vines.
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