HELP Very Worried!! Odd black spots that look like mold


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Someone please help me! My juvenile male veiled chameleon has developed these strange black markings on his body. If anyone knows what this is help. It’s not a basking burn, his basking spot is 80-90 depending on my house temperature and his humidity is 70-80 usually closer to 80. He eats well and he drinks well...but the spots are getting worse and worse and is now on both this a shed ?? Also the little bruise on his back is because he was trying to “grab” the fog and realized too late that he can’t grab air. I’ve since adjusted the humidity settings to prevent this again


Fill out the form so we can give you better advise, but those look like burns. How close can he get to the heat lamp? Also, there should not be fog forming inside his enclosure, except when being misted I suppose. Sounds like the humidity is too high and there is not enough ventilation.


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I suspect that is a bruise. It would be a very unusual place for a burn. Has he taken any falls lately? If it is a bruise it will begin to resolve over the next couple weeks like it would for us. If he is getting bruises like that one or two things could be the problem. He's gotten to big to climb the screens easily and needs more branches to support his climbing habits or he has a calcium/D3 deficiency and it's affecting his coordination. Filling out the husbandry/help form mentioned above could help pinpoint the problem.


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Not mold.

Could be a bruise, you diddnt say it specifically in your post but I’m assuming he fell when he tried to grab the fog, that true?

You can have fog in his viv but not 24/7, all demends on your local conditions.


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My cham has the same thing
Took him to the vet because I was worried, and turns out it was a bruise. They tend to fall sometimes and land on their belly
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