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Hy ... lately i've took my chameleon every day in the park to get sunlight and when i can't do that i put him on my terrace,he's very friendly and every time i get near to the cage he wants to grab me to take him outside and i kinda like it,the problem is that when is in the cage is allways brown and dark colors except durring the night when he sleeps he's green, and when i get him out of the cage he suddenly become a bright green with yellow,i have a reptiglo 5.0 uvb light and a normal 60w light to get him warm on the top of the cage,4 plants and i mist him 4-5 times a day...why he is like that when he's inside can anywone tell me please?


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A cage is not a natural thing for a chameleon. I'm sure he hates it in there. Wouldn't you hate being caged? Do you have a room or a safe area where you could set up a free range?
the uvb has only a few weeks and yes is a 3 feet high glass terrarium but the temps are around 32°C at the basking area and 24°C at the bottom ... is something else that is bothering him maybe the reflection of the glass but i don't know how to cover the walls ...
maybe in the future i'm gonna change it but for now this is gonna be,he stay's out in the room every day so he has planty space to walk around and feel good except when i have to put him inside the cage that he becomes brown ...anyone has some idea on how to color or put something on the side of the cage to eliminate the reflection ?
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