Help quick!!


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Is zoo med calcium without D3 the one i should get for dusting everyday?
+ is it organic soil i need to use to re pot the plants?
I am ordering it all of ebay today and a XL Reptibreeze anything else what i should get for the vivarium?
Yes it is. you need a calcium with no d3 for every feeding.

organic soil is fine to repot, just make sure you cover the dirt with large rocks.

vines, more plants, any new lights you need, hoods,

I used dowel rods for highways since plants are too weak for an adult cham.
Thanks ill get on buying them then:) , ive got two exo terra vines , 60cm branch with like 4 10cm or so other branches coming of it and them like 3 feet plants , pothos and a umbralla + fake 200cm ivy vine plant
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