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I gave my Chameleon some crickets today but more then I wanted fell out . I couldn't go in the cage and capture all of them because I wouldn't be able to find them . Stupid me I feel bad for the crickets so I decided to give them a little bit of flukers gut load in a bottle cap so they can eat if they need to and I come back 20 minutes later to find my Cham munching on gut load now he's just chillin on his vine . Would he get sick from this ?


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I'm not sure if he would get sick from eating direct the bottle and see if it says anything about if a cham eats it. Hopefully somebody who has had a similar problem will reply...also don't leave the crickets in his cage overnight or they can gang up and bite your cham in his sleep. Good luck :)

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Id recommend getting rid of the flukers gutload first off.

It has an improper calcium phosphorous ratio, and minimal nutritional value.

There are good pre-made dry gutloads, like Cricket Crack, that would serve you much better. ;)

Next, thats not a stupid idea, keeping at least live plants, or an orange slice or something in the enclosure would be a good idea if there were many crickets in there with the chameleon. If the crickets get too hungry, they will snack on the chameleon. This is why its advised to not have them in there over night.

Im sure your animal will be fine, maybe make sure it drinks plenty for the next few days.


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If you feed your crickets the gut load and your Cham eats your crickets... I don't think anything wrong will happen if your Cham ate the gut load.. I'm sure he's fine

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Thanks guys hes fine he was very active the next day. I read the bottle it just said it was made with water and some bonding stuff nothing harmful . He ate all the crickets in his cage when I woke up in the morning I was looking for them to get them out but they were all gone lol he's doing great thanks guys ! :)
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