Help Please, my baby veiled chameleon wont eat


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The baby is old 13 days,I bought it yesterday and she won't eat.
I offer her tiny Zophobas morio,and she refuses to eat i don't know what to do :(
Please Help


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Thank you,here is the answers:

Chameleon Info:

Your Chameleon - Veiled,female,2 days.
Handling - Im don't handling him cause he is a baby but she looks friendly, when i put my hand into cage he is trying to climb on my arm.
Feeding - Tiny Superworms but she won't eat.
Supplements - Yes i use calcium and vitamins.
Watering - Spray Bottle,I didn't saw her drinking.
Fecal Description - No she isn't tested for parasites,how to test her.
History - No

Cage Info:

Cage Type - Glass
Lighting - I have UVB and i have day light 60w
Temperature - Highest 25c degrees(77F degrees) Lowest is 23C degrees (74F degrees) i use termomether.
Humidity - High, with hygrometer
Plants - Two live plants Schefflera and Ficus
Placement - In a room courner,55.118Inch (140Cm's)
Location - Europe,Balkan,Serbia


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OK a few things.

How often do you mist?

Food- you need fruit flies and pinhead crickets to feed. offer those, and im sure it will start eating.

fecal- you take a poo to a vet to test for parasites.

what type of cage? height, dimensions, etc?

Pics of everything would be great.

Your temps are a bit too low, which can cause them to not eat. try getting the basking temp up to around 82, and see how things go.

supplements- you need a calcium with no d3 for every feeding, and a calcium with d3 for twice a month, and a multivitamin for twice a month as well.

Whoever sold you this baby, did so when it was way too young, we don't recommend selling before 3 months old.


What camimom says is all true, fruit flies are a great idea.
It is too soon to start worrying though. Chameleons often take a few days to settle in to a new home. The best thing to do is offer different tiny insects but disturb her as little as possible for now.


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I mist 4-5 in a day
food- ok i ll buy fruit flies and crickets
Cage - glass 19.6x15.7x17.7inch i took my fish tank but when she grow up a little i ll make normal terrarium with normal dimensions.
Temps-ok im going to

Thank you on more time.
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