HELP Please!! Does my Panther Chameleon look right for his age


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Hey I’m wondering if my panther chameleon looks right for his age he is only 1 year old And he looks small for his age I need help determining if his size looks right for his age please help ... my Mom said he looks small help me...


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Not particularly (but I'm not a panther expert). There is a lot of variation in size, especially if his breeder was more interested in selecting for color, not overall size. His rostrals look nice, full tail, pretty boy! He may fill out a little more still.

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You need a linear uv light t-8 or t-5 I use a four foot fixture. you could use a 2 foot 2 bulb fixture 1 bulb 5.0 uv and the other 6500k full spectrum for the plants, if you don't get a linear uv bulb your cham will die of mbd or other severe health problems relating to insufficient absorption of calcium, as of right now your cham looks older than a 1 year old


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I do have a linear uvb I took those pictures last week but I have a t-5 uvb fixture, but does his size look good for his age??


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Size to age is irrelevant. Every cham is different eating different feeders growing at different rates. Weight is a better indicator. Seeing as your hand could be a baseball glove compared to my hand. But like I said your cage size is too small
He made a diff thread weeks ago asking the same question. We tried telling him that he needs different lights and a bigger cage etc etc but he didn’t quite listen to us....


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I’m not a panther expert either, but I think the previous posters make some solid points about varying growth rates, weights and the highly particular nature of each individual. Although I too think a t5 is a good idea, I’d like to point out that from the pics, it isn’t clear whether you have a cfl, or a small Mv in that dual fixture. I assume it’s the former, but as I can’t tell from the pics, I can’t really criticize your lighting situation. A bigger cage is probably a good idea when it’s in the budget. Anyways, nice looking Cham!
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