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Hey guys, just got my cage set-up.
But I'm very mixed up about what I should be using..
Basking Light: I have a 50W Sun Glo Tight beam.
UVB Light: Repti-Glo 5.0 UVB.

How far apart should the the light and the branches be? Some people say 8 inches apart, some say 12.

Also, what humidity range should I be using?

What age should my chameleon be when I decide to use a FR?

EDIT: Current basking spot reaches 85 F at about 8 inches away from it.
And with no lights on, my room temperature drops to about 68-72F
I believe the sunglow has no UVB...correct? Because you already have the 5.0 UVB light in there and that is all you need. You did not state what kind of cham you had or the age so the basking temps can vary slightly depending on what you have. 8 inches below the basking light is good for the branch. It is mainly so you chameleon does not touch his body to the hot screen under the basking light and get burnt, so you don't want the branches too close. Humidity should be kept at 50-60% for most species if possible with spikes after misting the cage down. I would not free range a baby cham as they can lost very easily. I would wait to alteast 6 months or so but that is just my opinion. You night time temps are fine when the lights are shut off.
Yes, the sun-glo has no UVB, just a basking bulb.
The cham I'm getting will be a Blue barred ambilobe; about 3 - 4 months old.
Is it the screamleons kit? If so you an your using the zilla cage the top branch should be 3" from the backing light give or take. I put the 2nd branch so the 2 formed an X. My dog ate the 3rd one but I put like 6' of biovine wadded up from the 2nd vine to the floor.
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