HELP! My panther hasn’t moved from its sleeping spot all day!!!


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I have a 4 month old painter chameleon and i have had him for three days. Yesterday he was climbing all over the cage and eating super worms and crickets! But today he was curled up all day in his sleeping corner which isn’t normal.. he wasn’t sleeping just sitting there. He still changes colors but he’s just not being active. His eyes aren’t sunken and his humidity and temps are fine. I didn’t see him drink anything or eat anything today though which worries me because he is still young. I’m just stressed about his health and need help!


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it’s kinda hard to see him because he is in the ivy but


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Please fill this out and try getting better pictures.

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maybe these?


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My chameleon: it’s a 4 month old panther chameleon and i’ve had it for three days now.
I haven’t handled it yet because i didn’t wanna stress him out. Yesterday i fed him three super worms and probably ten crickets. They were coated in calcium dust. I feed the crickets carrots and lettuce. I most my chameleon with a squirt bottle three times a day (today i did it more though because he didn’t move and i didn’t see him drink) He usually drink and crawls around like crazy and loves to catch bugs but today something was wrong with him and he’s worrying me. I’ve never tested him for parasites and I found he pooped and peed yesterday but not today. For my cage i have a screen enclosure but i have a hard time with the humidity so i put shower curtains on the outside of the enclose on the two sides. i Have the regular UV and UVB light that comes in the chameleon kit but i know that’s not enough UVB for them so i got the t8 10 18” too. My basking temp is usually 75-85. and the bottom of the cage is 60-70 usually. My humidity is on average around 50. Over 60 when i just spray. I have three live plants at the bottom and lots of ivy on the sides so he feels protected. He also has lots of branches too. I have my cage on my dresser not really near any vents or anything. I’m located in Pennsylvania.


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I there nothing in the room that could be scaring/bothering him? Mirror? Or something he could be seeing through a window?
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