Help! My chameleon isn't eating for 3 weeks.


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Hi first of all sorry for my bad english. So i wanted to talk about my 10-11 month old male panther chameleon. He hasn't been eating for 3weeks or so it seems. He doesn't eat the superworms he normally likes. Sometimes a dubia dissapears but i don't know if he eats them sometimes or if they just escape i usually find them under the plants. Anyway he looks normal and does normal chameleon things he doesn't sleep during the day other days he is in his basking spot the others he just hides in the plants. His food are dubias, grasshoppers and superworms. Sometimes crickets and as treat waxworms. His humidity is 50-70% sometimes 40 when i spray a little late and sometimes 80 if spray a little too much i spray 2 to three times sometimes four if it's warmer. He has a glass terrarium (i've got a screen enclosure i only need to set it up) Its around the 28-30C°. He has now a Reptech Mecury vapor 80Watt as uvb and heat. (its a mixed bulb). His enclosure is a little on the small size right now. The last time i let him test on parasites was about 4 months ago. His insects are gut loaded with carrots, apple, and a dandelion salad. Sometimes cucumber and mango. He usually poops once a week or one and a half. now he hasn't in 2 weeks. I think he drinks because he doesn't have sunken eyes. Does anyone know if it can be something serious? I can go to the vet but they are not so good with chameleons they don't really look at them if they act normal. I looked it up and a month is way too long for not to eat even tho he didn't lose weight (he was kinda overweight tho) He weigthed 123g last time i checked (he is 15 cm without tail) that was about 3-4 months ago. Now he should be 120g. can someone give me some tips or tell me if i do anything wrong?


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Please copy/paste this questionnaire into this thread, fill in the information, and include pics of your enclosure from lights on down to substrate & drainage. This will aid folks in being able to help you.



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Chameleon Info:

  • Your Chameleon: Panther chameleon Male 10-11 months been in my care for 9 i believe
  • Handling: Depends sometimes 3 times a week others 5 times
  • Feeding : Grasshoppers, Superworms, Dubia roaches. 2-3x a week but because he isnt eating i'm leaving it. The gutload is carrots, apple, and a dandelion salad
  • Supplements : i use calcium without d3 every feeding. Mutli-vitamins normally every once a week. Both are from zoo meds
  • Watering: There is a dripper in the cage. I spray 3 times a day sometimes 4 between a 1-4 minutes. he is a really shy drinker i only saw him once but he doesnt have sunken eyes so i guess he still drinking.
  • Fecal Description: brown and the other part creamy color he hasnt pooped inthe last 2 week because of his lack of eating he usally does it once a week or one week and a half. He have been tested twice on parasites last year last time was 3-4 months ago
  • History : comes from a reptile shop he bought them from a breeder.

Cage Info:
  • Cage Type: glass but its little on the small size its around 90 cm in height and 49 cm in depth (idk how its written) Side note i'm changing to a better cage reptibreeze x-Large next week. the one i have now was made by the reptile shop owner he put it together.
  • Lighting : on the right i use the reptech mecury vapor bulb 80watt (uvb and heat together) and on the left is a uv lamp for the plants. (im also changing lamps im stepping over to uvb 5.0 reptisun or 6% arcadia. And heat bulb from 100watt
  • Temperature : i dont really know the temp on the bottom but i guess around 23-25 C° And the basking is now 28-30C° Its cold out here so temp is a little lower. I have a meter in my cage. At night its 17-19. the lights are on 12 hours a day.
  • Humidity : it range from 40-80% i usually keep it around the 50 to 70 but somtimes it drops to 40 or if i spray too much it hangs around the 80. I keep this up with a spray bottle.
  • Plants: my plants are real i got 2 big ones in it. i dont know their exact name but i know they are not poison. One is from the reptile shop. and the other from flower shop that doesn't use pesticides
  • Placement: it's in my study room its around 50 cm of the ground.
  • Location - : Belgium

Current Problem hasn't been eating for 3 weeks.

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