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I recently bought a baby chameleon and I’ve done everything I think was right and he just started looking lighter and more weak I have read and researched everything he’s at his last bit of energy he’s dehydrated for one and not eating but he looks so bad and sick but I’ve been doing a hot steaming room with shower and put him into a warm paper towel with water to let him get water and it’s been i think working some but God please help me what do I do I feel terrible I have a misting system there right bulbs a awesome terrarium cage custom ... baby crickets what do I do! I don’t want him to die


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That cricket is bigger than what you should be feeding it. Could be why it's not eating.

Hot steam will burn him...stop that right away. No need for warm paper towels either. Basking should be at 80F at the most.

Water should be provided from misting with (normal) room temperature water. It will lick it off the leaves.

Please post photos of the cage too to bottom including the lights and answer the questions in the how to ask for help thread near the top of the health forum so we can help you better.

What species is it?
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