help me name my panther!


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Just got a 3 month old male this weekend! Red Barred Ambilobe. I considered "rainbow" in another language, but I didn't find any that I liked. I've also considered Congo and Tropico. My veileds are Calypso & Calliope, plays off of the scientific name, Calyptratus.
Seeing a pic maybe helpful! Dont know if you searched for rainbow in italain but its arcobaleno (which is not only pretty to say but is in the masculine ;)) but being a red bar I'd like the name ferrari too. Sorry for the Italian theme, can't help it:p
Cool names:
Rambo, Conan, Robo-Cop, Ryu, He-Man, Tyrannosaur, Awesome, Killer, Spike, Tusk, Glock, Death-Trap, Savage, Beef-Cake, Spoderman (yes, that's spelled correctly)

Un-cool names:
Rango, and any type of fruit.

Good luck OP!
thanks all!
bigeaters101, seems like a long name to me, idk!
VigilantspearIII, well tere goes my other idea- Mango. lol!
chasesoda, thx I'll check!
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