help me create a good diet


so i have a 3 year old male veiled chameleon and i bought him a bunch of bugs, here’s the list
25 large superworms
100 large black soldier fly larvae
20 medium dubia
25 hornworms
50 waxworms
50 4 week crickets
i would like to hear your opinions on an ideal feeding schedule
if you're feeding a large variety of feeders, the odds of a nutritional disorder go down. Nutrition also plays into how well the overall immune system functions so it likely reduces the overall chance of disease in general. If you put the superworms into a medication free chick feed (I also avoid the ones with diatomaceous earth) and give it some fresh vegetables for moisture, you will certainly increase their nutritional value as opposed to bran. The dubia and crickets will also eat chick feed and even more vegetables. To figure out which vegetables to feed, you can look up what is considered good for green iguanas and tortoises. That will send you in the right direction. I like to use a lot of greens like dandilion greens and collard greens and a lot of bulk vegetables like grated squashes, but using a lot of variety is really the key. I would also buy one or two commercial gutloads and use them at least some of the time, too. I think variety is really important, not even a gutload would I want to use 100% of the time for every feeding. Finally, I would at least occasionally use a commercial dusting powder with preformed vitamin A and D3 to guard against severe shortages of either, but no need to overdo it with the fat soluble vitamins either especially if you're using variety of feeders, variety of gutloads, and functional lighting that is replaced on the recommended schedules or checked with meters.
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