Help, maybe already sick at risk for sickness (double post)

I recently got Fred and we got a very rocky start. The first day he arrived he wasn't opened immediately. He waited for about 2 hrs but when we opened him up he was fine. The delay was due to the fact that I still needed to pick up some "river rocks" to go on top of his plants so he wouldn't accidently eat the soil which was re-potted with organic soil but still had fertilizer in it. I was also very busy trying to finish an exam within the hour so I couldn't open him up sooner. I could not find the drill 9 16" bit that fit in my drill so I couldn't set up his auto misting system right away. The first few days he was home he would climb to the highest point of his cage and stand on his back legs. My mom was worried he would fall so she made me try and pick him up despite the fact it stressed him out. He hissed and ran from me. The first few days he didn't eat. I went to the pet store and picked up super and wax worms they put them in the fridge so I thought it was okay to do that, only the wax worms survived. There weren't any crickets at petco so he's only been eating wax worms these last few days. My hand-misting him seems to stress him out and I don't know what to do for him. I mist every 2-3-4 hours depending on his mood. He doesn't appear de-hydrated yet and I have a photo of him. I think he's been screen climbing because he'll climb on a plant, stand up, look around and then sit back down or just stand and touch the wall. He doesn't have a dripper yet but i've been sure to thoroughly mist. For a couple of days now he's been going to bed or having his lamps turned on in the morning late. I put in an outlet timer today so that shouldn't be happening after today. I'm ordering bugs, getting more plants, and installing about 4 new branches. I love Fred already he's been my dream pet for 3 years now, and I'm so worried abut him today. This is my first time having a reptile and I hope I haven't already killed him. I am sincerely trying my best to take care of him with what I have right now, please help me keep Fred healthy and happy. He is usually orange around the eyes and a brighter color when happy.



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