Help!!! Lost Chameleon.


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I put my female Veiled on a Scheffelera that I usually put my male on, and when I came back, she was gone. Its an indoor plant and I usually just let my male chill on it and he stays put. Thee past couple of days I have been putting my female on it and she seemed fine, but today I came back and she's no where to be found. I searched the whole room, obviously the high places first. There is alot of stuff for her to hide in or around in the room, but me and my wife searched for a while to no avail. Any sugestions?????

Hopefully you don't have any curious cats or dogs. Sometimes a chameleon can be easier to find at night if they are within visible range. Turn all the lights out and use a flashlight; sometimes their color will show an obvious contrast making them easy to spot.
Good luck :)
I've found them behind my computer desk holding on to a cord, you might check behind the t.v./ entertainment center. It's hard without knowing how your house is set up. They do normally go up first but the also will hide. I've had a panther loose for a few days in my house after I searched everywhere, and then one day it was sitting on my computer desk looking at me. I have no idea where it could have been that whole time, they can be very elusive.
Most of the time when my cham's escape, they aren't that high. Now I guess it depends how the room is set up, but in my room they are ussually on some sort of cord clsoe to the ground. I would definetly do as Brad suggestedand look around with a flashlight at night. Good luck and let us know if you find her.

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