HELP!!!is egg hatching?


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I have 2 5-6??? months old panther eggs. i got them from some one who was not sure when they were laid but their chameleon has laid fertile cluches, and he came across them when replanting a plant from her cage. i have had them for about 2 months, they have not molded , they have seemed to have grown some , and seem to show a bluish spot on them and a little pink today i open the incubator bin and see one starting to sink in a bit near the side that is laying in the soil, does this mean it may be hatching??? I dont even know if they are fertile, but if they were not , wouldnt they have shriveled up a long time ago,?? or molded? since I have had them they have been stored in a moisture / humidity controlled, tupperware w/ a few holes for ventilation, and playsand /soil mix never have got dry,moisture dropplets are always on lid and stored in 74-75 degree dark cabinet. should i help it if it is trying to hatch or are these absolutely no good?
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