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Hello everyone, I hope all is well during these tough times. I have had “Jeff” for about a year and a half now, him being my first chameleon. Everything has gone exceptionally great as I’ve had time to learn how to keep his cage warm/humid/fun for him through this year and a half. Just the other day I noticed this bluish/purple mark under his leg and wanted to get opinions as it isn’t the easiest thing to transport a chameleon to a veterinarian. He eats just fine, moves a decent amount, drinks when it’s available (through a manual mister) and of course has the greatest personality like most veiled chameleons do (hence the sarcasm). I appreciate the time and help, I love this forum as it’s been a wonderful tool for me over the past 2 years.

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does he ever screen climb/ hang out on the screen under his basking light?
He often climbs on the cage...I try to move the basking light when I see him chilling under it. I’ve seen him burn his crown before but haven’t seen something in his body like this before, so I was curious if anybody else has. Appreciate the response


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Your going to want to lift that heat light up off the top... Thermal burns can become very severe especially with veileds and their casques.

Can you post a picture of the entire enclosure lights down? Typically as they mature they stop screen climbing. So figuring out the cause so you can fix it will reduce injury.
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