Help! Hes Burnt


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My Chamelions head and back spikes are burnt. I have adjusted his heat lamp and no more burns will happen.
I was treating him with burn cream (1% Silver Sulfadiazine Cream) and it worked! His badly burn back spikes fell off and he has no open wounds. But it's not his back I'm concerned about. His head also got burnt. I'm very scared for it to fall off like his back spikes did. I will attach a video of his head. Do I need to take him to the vet? Do I wait for it to fall off ? Im going to continue treating it with the cream. His name is Gizmo (from Sally Face not Gremlins) btw. :) He was not hurt in the photos, he puffed up because I was in his territory but hes been used to me toughing his burn spots to put cream on with a q-tip. I was touching very gentally.


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Oh, so sorry this happened! You’re doing all you can. a vet visit is your call, there might be more they can do but I don’t know as I’m not a vet. Did a vet see him for the burn originally?


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Hi. So sorry this happened to your guy. He may lose that part of his casque. It all depends on the extent of the tissue that is damaged. Usually what happens is the tissue starts healing from the wound base (where the blood supply is) and wherever their is no blood supply, will die, dry up and fall off. The primary concern with burns is risk of infection. Keep applying the silver sulfadiazine cream thinly and a vet visit is always a good idea if you have concerns.


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So I would keep applying the burn cream to all burned sections. You can see on the spine that there is still some area of infection. Once the areas dry and fall off if the area below is raw then the cream will still work to help prevent further infection.

More then likely all burned areas are going to fall off. This does include the casque it just depends on the severity of the burn and how much was actually damaged.
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