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I just recently bought a baby panther cham who is about 4 inches. He is eating fine, drinking fine, and lively. But he has a growth on his forehead that is between his right eye and right nostril. i contacted the site i got him from and they said they think it a calcium deposit and that i should let him shed a few times to see if it goes away. Does anyone know what it is? Will it go away? What do i do?? Please help I'm attaching photos


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Hello! Welcome to Chameleon Forums.

Its great that youve found us, youll definitely want to stick around. :)

Now, this could be a deformity of the skeletal tissue, a fungal/bacterial/viral infection, or a "calcium deposit".

I really have no further info on how to tell exactly which it may be, but even if someone who does responds, youll want to find a vet that deals with reptiles, and take the animal in to be examined in person.

So you may as well book the appointment, sooner is always best. It lookss like you have other herps, so hopefully you know a good vet already. :)

Take care, and again, welcome to Chameleon Forums...

PS: Looks a little female-ish to me. If you post more pictures(from the side, focusing on the tail base, with a contrasting background) this could easily be confirmed/denied...
Hi and welcome. Sorry your little one is having problems. Honestly, I have seen a lot of abcesses on here in that exact spot. It seems more common on the Veild chameleons than the Panthers though. In any event, your chameleon's eye looks effected. Is it always closed like that? Me personally, I would not wait weeks, or even a month or so before your chameleon sheds a few times. If it is an abcess, it is only going to get worse. It will not go away on its own. I would take him to the vet(one who knows chameleons) and have the bump looked at.
I'd think calcium deposit to be unlikely, and infection to be more likely. is it growing?
I would request a replacement animal, before you get too attached
Is the eye always like that? It should be open more. I'm wondering if the bump is causing it or if you took the picture at night while sleeping. Hard to tell. I would suggest a vet visit to be certain because that doesn't look like something that will shed away. Hope its nothing serious, and welcome to the forums!
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