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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by boydauhieu, May 18, 2018.

  1. boydauhieu

    boydauhieu New Member

    I’m try to find the cage and lllreptile had this one but it screen cage and I wondering how to control the humanity by using misting or rain maker? and should I get a rain Or misting maker at PetSmart?

    First time with tropical lizard

    Ps: sorry for my bad English
  2. Remkon

    Remkon Chameleon Enthusiast

    What a crap package!

    Why would you want to get the chameleon shipped with the enclosure? That's just stupid, especially if you have no previous experience in putting an enclosure together. You want to have the enclosure setup, tested and ready to go well before you purchase the animal.

    Veiled chameleon package at 18 x 18 x 36 ... Ya, maybe a female but still pushing the minimal tolerated size, for a male it will be to small when he's grown up...

    Also giving a mini deep dome that states on the packaging 60Watts with a 100 watt powersun lamp can be a recipe for burns if placed on top of the enclosure since the lamp will be to close to the mesh and cause a huge hotspot...
    You best get a linear tube for UVB and a separate bulb for basking so you can arrange basking temperatures without moving the source of UVB (which has limited optimal range (8"-10").

    The spray bottle is next to useless, you want a pump mister so you can provide a continuous misting or better yet automate it with a mistking (or similar) ...

    2x 72inch vines is cute but you will need waaaay more branches to create plenty of paths for him to travel.
    The fake plants idem ditto, it will be cute to have but doesn't nearly take care of the foliage needed to make your chameleon secure.

    Why do they give calcium, but not multivitamin?
    Why do they give a book, before purchasing such an animal you should already know it's needs be heart.

    But to answer your original question, you want to have a mister (like mistking), its better for humidity than rain which will mainly just fall to the bottom straight away. A mister is not a fogger, a fogger is in no way a replacement for misting.
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  3. boydauhieu

    boydauhieu New Member

    Tks for you help I get more knowledge about this now . Right now my first thing still a cage because I know screen cage are cheaper but I wonder how to control the humanity which those little hole all round the case. Do you had any recommend about cage? Should I go with glass or screen?
  4. Remkon

    Remkon Chameleon Enthusiast

    Well let's first make clear that screen or glass doesn't matter, humanity is already out of control. :D

    If you live in a very dry area I'd go with glass since it will retain humidity better.
    If your house is very cold I'd go with glass since it will let you regulate temperatures better.
    If none of the above is a problem to you, you can still go with glass but screen will work great too.
    Also an advantage of screen is that you can mist more as drainage is not so much a problem and the enclosure will dry out faster so you have less chance of molding.

    There's way more information available on screen enclosures as the majority of this forum uses those.

    If you decide on glass make sure you have ventilation from the bottom and top (exo terra style), this will provide sufficient airflow, also don't mist as much as is recommended for a screen enclosure..
    Ventilation only from the top is a recipe for disaster with tropical enclosures.
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  5. VerucaSalt

    VerucaSalt Established Member

    Omg. I'll speak from my own misadventures....get caging set up ahead. I'm talking like a few weeks to get ambiant temps and humidity right. Once you know you can get that consistent, then do your research and find a reputable breeder to get an older than baby Cham from. Babies are difficult for even seasoned Cham parents....
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