Help!! Feeding questions !!


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My area has been hit with the hurricane weather. Not expecting floods or loss of power, resulted in my not being prepared for my young veiled Chameleon. So, he last had 6 small crickets Wednesday, gave him fruit and greens Thursday and friday. He didn't eat any of that. He didn't eat Saturday, and yesterday I sifted through a meal work container, and found him 4 worms that he ate. Today the surrounding pet story's and bait shops are closed due to flooding, and I'm over whelmed and worry and my Chameleon not eating again today!!!! I can't believe I didn't prepare for him, and think for one second how bad our area has been hit with Florence... Any, any, any ideas on what I can feed Chameleon, that I haven't tried and that he may eat.


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If you can try to use something other than an LED light. Incandescent or black lights work best. For some reason the LED lights don’t attract bugs nearly as well as the others but will work in a bind.

If you live by a field or wood line you would probably be surprised what you can catch by just walking around the edges with the light. They freeze as soon as you put the beam on them. Good Luck!
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