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My rosy won't keep down her food. It's been three months that that I had her she was eating just fine a hopper every week then all of a sudden she started throwing them back up about 24 to 36 hours later. I redid her house and got her tempo from a herpetalogist the and waited two weeks to feed her to give her time to rest and last night she threw it back up she is active and drinking Idk wut else to do if anyone has an idea of wut might be going on? She hasn't eating in a month but is still pooping
Sounds like possibly 2 problems, first are the temps high enough? Do you have a good thermal gradient in the cage form the low 70's to upper 80's to 90 max? If the temps were to cold then it is very possible it could have a blockage. I would try soaking in warm water for 15-20 minutes 2 times a day until you see a good amount of deification. You might see some hard balls often yellow in color after doing this. Do this for at least a week or two until you are sure it has cleared the blockage and then wait about 1 week and try feeding again. There could be other issues but I have found this is most often the reason for what u describe. I hope this helps and is JMHO and if this does not help then a vet visit is in order. This is what I call a forced soak so u need to make sure u use a container that has most of the body under water(most important it's vent) as it will soak up water through its vent and that will help break up any compaction. You must make sure it is able to keep its head above water and should watch it the ENTIRE time while soaking. Low temps and lack of proper hydration r the most common reason this happens. Let me know if I can help and please let me know if this helps.
i agree with steve on the soaking and makin sure her temps are correct. if she still isnt eating properly after the soaking and waiting, i would definitely take her to the vet. ive had my female rosy start eating a mouse and then back off of it just to go back to it in a few minutes but never puke them up. they dont do that unless there is something going on. luckily, they can survive without eating for a good amount of time but i would take her into the vet pretty soon if the soaking doesnt do anything. the fact shes still pooping makes me wonder if she has been impacted for awhile and is slowly working through it. hope she gets better and let us know!
Thanks Steve I really appreciate it and yea she has a nice gratent now that it wen we first got her we kept her at wut the breeder had her which was 70 cool and 85 hot so wen I called the vet they told me to put her at 90+ hot and 75 cool... And I changed her bedding from. I afro turf to aspen bedding she seems happier and more active since the chance get in her tank but I will definitely try the soaking and she is pooping she pooped two days before we fed her which I thought was strange since she didn't have anything going to eat for almost three weeks
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