Help! Baby Jackson's dying!


Ok so I don't have much time and ill try and get a video later...
We had an unexpected hatch if about 10 Jackson's, so we moved them to a medium sized exo terra cage. We have tons of fruit flies in there and a dropper going, and I spray often. We also have a small fan blowing in o keep humidity lower and for airflow. Humidity stays at around 70%, and temperature is around 72 and around 82 at basking. There are sticks and hanging miss for them to climb on, but they have been slowly dying :( every morning we find 1 or 2 dead, and now we have three left. The ones that have been dying seem to close their eyes, look around grabbing things, and opening their mouths. They usually do this then die the next day. I have a video of it, and I'm trying to figure out how to post it. Sorry if this was confusing, I am in a hurry. Thanks
Well part of your issue is your basking temp is WAY too high for babies.

How old is your uvb bulb? how close is to the cage?
Seems to be taking some deep breaths. The basking is high for a baby, but it also seems to be under stress. Hopefully someone can help identify the issues.
Yea i think just from those temps it seems like they may be over heating, isn't 82 degrees is what is recommended for adult Jacksons? If this is the case i would def lower the basking site temp or get rid of it all together. It seems like i have seen people not even use basking lamps when they are that young and just using a uvb source,because room temp is sufficient. I think them opening their mouth like that before dying is also a sign that its probably to hot. adult Chams do that to thermo-regulate so it would make sense that if babies are doing this then dying right after that them being to hot could be whats killing your babies. If you see an adult doing that wouldn't you suspect that they are to hot and turn down the heat? Seven babies have died all while gaping before they died and yet the heat still remains the same and not even adjusted or lowered at all? I think thats a pretty clear sign that they are hot, you should try lowering the heat for sure.
The care sheet for Jackson'sbabies on here says basking 75-80 so I don't know if you are that far off on that. Could your temp measurements be wrong??? What are you measuring with?
They look disorientated also. Have you seen any of them drinking at all. They almost look like they have heat stroke or something. Like have you ever seen anyone fall out from heat exhaustion and dehydration? The person becomes confused and disorientated, kind of reminds me of the way that little one was reaching out and missing the vine and twirling around. Is that the temp of the heat spot or the overall cage, because that cage may heat up easier than others. Im not sure if that is the case at all just trying to piece something together. I have seen people put babies in little tubs with no lids and they seem to do pretty good. Maybe you could open the doors on the enclosure and see if that helps? I just realized i may have came off a little excessive and want to apologize if i did! Its sad to see little ones like that but sometimes they just don't make it, you may very well have been doing all the right things and this just happened, im sorry for your losses as im sure this is probably terribly hard for you to watch and feel like there is not much you can do to help!
thanks for the replies, I have seen a few drink, but it was hard when there were so many. The first couple that died were not doing what the one in the video was doing, they just died over night. Now they seem to do that before dying. 82 was just the basking temp, but I have taken it off and now the overall temp is 75. I use a temp gun to measure it, and yes, they do seem to be taking deep breaths and walking disoriented when this happens. When they do get disoriented, they sometimes grab a branch then fall. Right now, all are near the top of the cage. One is active and showing no signs of dying, one has been sleeping and another has been sleeping but was gaping his/her mouth earlier. I will keep monitoring them and checking temps.
Maybe you can save these last few, and hopefully at least the gaping will stop with you taking off the basking lamp! Im not sure does anyone know is there any other reason why babies may gape besides heating issues? Only think i can think of is aggression or URI maybe, but i highly doubt that could be the case?
I have my baby in a totally screened cage with a cool mist humidifier on one side and his lamp on the other - in a corner so he has to work to get to it There is a video done by a member of this forum it's not the one above - that shows how the cage should be set up - I didn't think mine was going to make it but he was doing ninja fly catcher on his hind legs yesterday - he's the only survivor from his clutch -
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