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I just caught a male cham. Whn I put him in the cage which has another female already, the female's color just turn to really dark!!!!! What can I do now?

By the way, the male one is bigger than the female about 1/3. I think the female is just about 6 months old and the male is about 1 year. I m not really sure cuz both of them are WC.

Hope you guys can tell me how to solve the problem asap cuz i m so worry now!
You sound like u from Hawaii........... you cant house male and female together.... they only meet when it is time to breed.........WC chameleon... LOL....jesus.......i wish i can do that instead of buying them from breeder!!!:D
Okay i took da male to the place where i found him already... And i went to a pet store and ask them about that, they just told me that usually i can put a male and female together... And you guyz just said they can't be living together... So... I don't know... LOL!

By the way, I saw some pics on this forum. Some people put some babies together. Is it ok to keep them together if they grow up together?

Thx for the quick replies guyz!
You can not keep mature females and males together, on the very (very) rare occasion people have done it. The petstore told you wrong.

The reason that babies and younger chameleons (0-4 or even 5 months old) can stay together is because they are not sexually mature. As soon as that maturity sets in the males become "competative" for a female to mate with, and females will either reject or accept this male. In your case the female was rejecting the male, thats why she turned that color. If she was receptive (wanting to reproduce) she would not have change to those colors.
JHC … I think the best thing for the chams is for you to let them all go and find a more suitable hobby for your age.

Lastly, it’s a fairly safe assumption that people at the pet store know more about nuclear fission then chams.

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