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I'm leaving to go to the middle east for 4 months and I really need somebody to take care of my male ambilobe panther while I'm gone. I only have 2 weeks to find somebody to take care of him or I'm going to have to sell him thru the local pet store and I realy don't want to. I found out a week ago and I can't seem to find anybody who can take care of him.

He is a male Ambilobe panther and he is about 6 inches long.

I live in Abilene, Tx but I am willing to drive him to you or ship him if you have a spare cage.

Please help me out?
if needed you can use me s a last resort because the pet shop thing should not be an option!! i would rather if someone closer can help you, i live in new york city. i have cages and i have 7 jackson's, 2 veiled's and 1 panther.
We previously talked and if you still need somone I am in CA and will watch him. I have 3 small panthers and watching one more is no problem. Only thing is that I don't have a spare cage.
i live in new orleans. i have everything but the cage. auto misters and everything. but the cage is definately a problem.

Hubby & I are in Corpus Christi and we do have a spare cage and would love to help if we can. Please PM me and I will give you phone number and we can see what we can do to help. My name is Jessica, Hubby is Jimmy, we have Veileds and Jacksons along with many geckos & bearded dragons......we have alot of experience with reptiles and were thinking of getting a panther next go round.......this would be great for us to take care of yours until you're ready to take him back or on a permanent basis if need be as well.

Jessica ivory
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