Hi! My name is Nicole and I’m from Canada, a couple hours from Toronto! I’m new to the chameleon world and I just wanted to say wow I’ve learned so much from this group already! I currently own a female translucent veiled chameleon named Penelope (after Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds because I love that show lol). I got her from a store near me that specializes in reptiles (they have a giant iguana named Don he’s kind of adorable) and they told me she’s around 6 months old! I’ve been doing some extensive reading in this group and boy am I glad I did. The store I got her from seemed to have led me slightly astray and left out some info for me. Originally I had substrate in my enclosure but thanks to all you lovely people I have since removed it. I’ve also learned all about laying and I’m putting together a bin asap! I can’t wait to further my knowledge and learn more about my baby to give her the best care possible!!


Chameleon Queen
Welcome to the forum and the world of chameleons!
This is a great place to learn!
If you answer the questions in the how to ask for help thread near the top of the health forum we can review your husbandry.
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