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Hi everyone,

I just joined the forum today. I am a new chameleon owner with a Sambava chameleon. I have had him for about 2 weeks now, and he is growing like a little weed.


Hello Heika, welcome to the chameleon forums :) :)

Beautiful sambava you have there. He looks nice and healthy. Where did you get him from?
"Spencer" the Sambava

I bought Spencer from Tracey Spencer, a breeder in North Bend, Oregon. Cute little guy, huh! He is shedding today, wow, they really blow out of their skin. :eek:

Hi Heika,

That is a great new chameleon you have...how old is he now? I don't know much about the chameleon breeder scene...but I have heard of Tracey Spencer before and she has a good reputation...should turn out to be a beautiful adult
Well, right now... I am feeding him crickets. :( He eats lots of them... somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 or so medium crickets a day.

I have also fed him lots of wild caught bugs, mainly moths. He loves them. I live on a couple acres out in the country, and the chances of pesticides are pretty low.

I subscribed to silkworms something like 3 weeks or a month ago now, and still haven't received any. The company called and said that they had a problem with some of them, and could they hold off til the following week to ship? Well, I didn't mind that, but it has been 2 (or 3?) more weeks and they haven't even called to say what is going on.

I tried superworms, and he won't eat them. In fact, I ran out of crickets one day, and thought that if superworms were all that were in his feed tray, he would eat some. Well, he didn't.

I was thinking about ordering in some roaches, but I have a squeemish family member that shudders every time I mention it. Might hold off on that for now!

His hatch date is April 23rd, so he is almost 6 months old now. Tracey Spencer does have some nice chameleons. I think he is overloaded right now with babies.. have seen quite a few of his ads lately. I think he has to control his collection size pretty carefully, because he is in the military.

He has been very helpful, and this chameleon is extremely healthy.

I keep looking at BlueBeast for a female... maybe I should just do it!

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