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Hi i'm new here and i wanted to introduce myself.

Sven , 25 , Belgium...
A few months ago i did some research and i bought a male panther chameleon (ambilobe).

Started out with a normal terra , soon found out that i wanted a good cage for my chameleon and i got myself a Flexarium.
Cant wait for my chameleon to grow and see progress doing so.

Here are a few pictures of "Farao"
He is about 4 months now i guess , got him when he was about 2 months.
I just installed his waterfall (luckyreptile a few minutes ago)
I also have a monsoon for humidity !
For lights i use a Combodome 60 watts basking and Reptile 5.0 glow

This is the old terra


Soon found out it was to empty and he got a bit stressed out so


The flex terra




And ofcourse Farao trough his evolution so far.





I sure hope to find out more about chameleon species and exchange some knowledge about chameleons !
Hope you liked my introduction , if there's tips or anything let me know !
I can accept all the help i get :)

Cheers !


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Hi Sven and welcome to the forums and chameleon ownership. A. Couple of things with your set up...I think I am seeing little brown rocks or pebbles at the bottom? If so it would be in your chameleons best interest to remove them. Your little one could injest them accidentally or intentionally which could pose an impaction hazard, It looks like you have a vine leading up to the light? Maybe it is just the pic' but that could cause a serious burn if that is the case. As far as the waterfall, they are really frowned upon in the chameleon world. Some charms will actually drink from them, but they can grow bacteria if not meticulously cleaned. I don' mean to nit pic your cage apart but I don't want anything bad to happen to your little one. We are here to help!


Welcome to the forums! If you want to learn or talk about chameleons, this is definitely the place to do it!

I really like the additions you made to your chams cage. :)

If you don't mind, I have a couple suggestions. First, the uvb coil bulb you're using are known to cause eye problems with chameleons. Most people recommend the linear type. Another no-no I see is the waterfall. It looks awesome, but I've heard nothing but bad things about them. They're hard to keep clean, and if they're not spotless, they can harbor bacteria that can make your chameleon sick :(

Again, welcome to the forums! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. This place is filled with helpful and friendly people!


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You need to position a vine or branch about 6-8 inches below the light for him to bask. Put it across horizontally. One last thing, I think you might have a female and not a male. To better determine this we need several close ups of the tail base/vent area. In the one pic with the tail it looks like a female.
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Thanks for the welcome Guy's !

I sure hope the waterfall is harmless , not pretty cheap either ... :)
Will make sure to clean it! (it does run continuously )
heard about germs and it should not appear that quick in continuously running water...
I will try to screen that ...

About the warmth , its a 60 watt , (small basking) the grill doens't see to be hot , Farao is crawling upside down to bask under the light so , i guess not to hot ?

About the male female prediction :

The reptile vendor / friend of mine said : could be female , but then he saw the last picture in the list and he was like ... noowp , its a male ...
because of the stripes and the horizontal one ...
I sure hope so , because my girlfriend is about to get a chammy as well , to breed...
But i will try to take some pictures to find out if its a male or female !

Thank you so much for the comments Guy's i appreciate that !


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No actually chameleons will sit under the lights and actually burn themselves. You don't want him to get too close to the basking light


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Also females can have stripes and lateral lines. I am still not convinced you have a male. Post some pics like I said and get some other opinions on here. Start a new thread asking for gender verification


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Allright , thanks carol , its lights out now...
Will post some HQ pictures in the morning, thanks for the help i will replace the lightsource


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Sven I could be wrong but I have a suspicion. Check out kammerflage kreations website .they are a panther breeder. On the left side of the page you can scroll down and click on a link for female panthers. You will see what I am talking about. I would send you the link .I am using an iPad and cannot figure out how to copy and paste or I would link you to it.


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Just because the water is running continuously doesn't mean it will be free of germs. I tried a waterfall for my frogs and after one day inside it smelled bad. They poop and pee in it and it will get contaminated fast. It has to be continuously sanitized, every inch of it.

Edit: so after a few days I got rid of it all together, its just not worth the risk.
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Since your cham does not need a waterfall, unless you're willing to completely disinfect it once a day, personally, I wouldn't keep it in the cage. It's a really nice waterfall, so I'm sure you could use it for decor in your house, or outside on a patio.

I would also suggest having two separate lights, instead of the dome. The reason is for basking (heat) your cham will have to be about 12 inches away from the bulb, but for UVB to get anything from it, your chams basking branch would have to be less than 8 inches away.
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