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I'm looking a starting to keep chameleons and have been reading up so I at least have a fair understanding of what they will need etc. One definitive answer that seams to be illuding me is can you keep more than one together ? As my girl want one each as they do but want to make sure his is possible ?

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Hello and welcome to the forums!! No you cannot house them together. They each will need a separate enclosure and ideally so they cannot see one another or if you have them next to each other a visual barrier between the cages. Males will fight and males with females will want to mate and if the female is not receptive to this it can cause a lot of stress on the female.


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Welcome to the Chameleon Forums. Most species of chameleons have to be housed seperately. There's only one or two species that can be housed together. What species of chameleons are you thinking about getting? Chameleons are very delicate animals to keep and a very high mantience pet. I recommend you study up and set up a nice chameleon saving account BEFORE you purchase one. It's also a good idea to start with one and make sure you can keep one alive and wait a while before adding a second. If you are thing about getting a panther or veiled they both have to be keep separately and kept out of sight of each other. I'm attaching my blog for new keepers of veileds and panthers below.

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